Nicholaus S. Noles, whom I roasted for his family-friendly reminders about Mafia II put up a quick list of tips for gaming with a (new) baby on What They Play. His list of tips is pretty decent – a lot more decent than Ben Wakeling’s list of how being a dad changes you.

All of Nicholaus’ suggestions more or less have to do with slinking around and gaming when the baby is asleep or not looking – which is basically the only way a new father can get some gaming time in. Contrary to popular belief, new fathers will have some “spare” time to play a game or two. The lucky ones will have babies that sleep the doctor-recommended 14-18 hours per day. When a baby is sleeping that much, you and your wife will spend a lot of time taking care of the home. But let’s be honest – with a baby that young, the chaos of baby mess hasn’t really set-in yet (you’ll see later, dudes). Once the laundry and dishes are done, you’re free until the little booger wakes up.

For unlucky parents, their babies might be up at night with colic, or unwilling to nap during the day. Not much we can tell you there except maybe to pick up a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP and plop the baby down on your chest while you go nutso on some Mario Kart DS.

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