A court in Australia ruled that a father (who had been informally separated from his wife and kids prior), was imposing too much extra-curricular work for his kids, and was being too “rigid and obsessive” with his style of parenting.

The imposed extra work included daily reports, homework above their grade-level, and over-the-phone reading. The unnamed father says that he wants his kids to have the best education available. The father grew up poor in Vietnam and didn’t want the same kind of life for his kids.

The wife was granted sole custody.

Seems to me that the father might be a little crazy, but he’s well-meaning. I don’t know what the climate of father’s rights is like in Australia, but seems like some family counseling might work wonders. Punishing the father (and kids!) by permanently and legally separating them is only going to lead to other issues later. You just wait, people. You. Just. Wait.

What I find more interesting, if you’ll allow me to stray from the main point (as I usually do) is that the official “parenting” blog for the New York Times is called “Motherlode”, and written solely by a woman. I’m just sayin’. For bonus points, scroll down to the Tags and click “Fathers.” Look at the first article. That’s just coincidence though, since in the last line of the article, the Motherlode author admits men and women are all headed to the same goal.

So, that last part was kind of a waste of time. It happens a lot around here.

Sauce: NYTimes