I have no evidence that douchebags will actually envy your baby for being in a Kid Kustoms stroller – oh, I’m sorry – I mean Roddler. What I can tell you is that this stroller is $3500 worth of metal and bad intentions, all in a hardly-functional frame. I’m not even sure this thing folds up so that you can stuff it in your car.

In contrast, my personal favorite stroller, the Bugaboo Cameleon retails for a little less than $1000, and is fully functional. And my kid didn’t have to wear a denim get-up Canadian tuxedo while he was in it. As a father that isn’t whipped into a frenzy over baby stuff, I originally thought it was horribly expensive, since it was just a seat with wheels. But after using the Bugaboo Cameleon, I recommend the crap out of it.

As for the Kid Kustoms stuff – I wish them luck. At $3500, this thing had better transform into a giant robot that needs your help in stopping Megatron. Or it should at least come with an iPod hookup or something.

I do, for the record, like their Roddler blankets. But it starts and ends there.