If you’ve got any Disney-branded Toy Story or Cars reusable plastic shopping bags, then you’re in possession of an instrument of death. The bags, purchased from California Safeway stores, contain more than 15 times the legal limit of lead in them. Michael Green, Executive Director of the Center for Environmental Health, says that “parents should know that the Disney brand does not imply a higher standard of safety for children’s products.” Ooh, burn.

Here’s Disney’s official statement:

The safety of products bearing the Disney name or our characters is of utmost important to us. We require that all Disney products must be tested by our licensees and manufacturers, and that they comply with all laws before being shipped. We are currently in contact with our licensee, Advance Publishers, to ensure that these bags were tested and are in compliance.

We ran Disney’s statement by our 8-bit legal team, who said “if it was quote-unquote important to them and they quote-unquote require products to be tested and that they quote-unquote comply with all laws, then we wouldn’t be seeing a watchdog agency ratting them out, now, would we?” We should let you know that our legal team is snarky and likes to say “quote-unquote” while physically doing air-quotes. It’s a legal thing.

Also, in the past, the CEH has busted Disney for high lead levels in their lunchboxes, baby bibs, diaper bags, children’s jewelry and Hannah Montana products. I think we’re gonna need some more air-quotes.