Chicago Bears’ wide receiver Devin Hester is kind of a big deal. He’s hoping to help the Chicago Bears get past the Green Bay Packers this weekend and secure a spot in the Superbowl. I personally know nothing about football, but according to the almighty Wikipedia, he “holds multiple National Football League records, including the league’s record for most kick returns for a touchdown in a single season and in a career.”

Chicago Parent reports that Hester will be sharing some other highlights from his reel soon, as he takes on daddy-blogging starting in April. He’ll be writing a monthly column about he and his 1 year old son called “Hangin’ With Devin”. His son’s name is…wait for it…Devin. So, you see, the column makes sense. You’re hangin’ with Devin. Devin’s hangin’ with Devin. Basically, everyone’s hangin’ with a Devin

Sauce: Chicago Parent