WORLDmag writer Janie B. Cheaney touches on some good talking-points about the importance of fatherhood in her editorial largely about the “Tiger Mother,” Amy Chua. What’s odd about Cheaney’s editorial, however, is that you never really know if she’s being fair or being demeaning to fathers. She mentions that, as I quoted in the title, “we’ve discovered the importance of fatherhood by missing it,” and also that “a father harms his children most by his absence,” but in the rest of the post, you can’t help but get the feeling that Cheaney discounts fathers simply for not being the baby-grower.

This equates, for some of her post, to an attitude that fathers are second-class parents, and most of the time, well-meaning backups. Everything culminates into Cheaney saying that fathers are “a deeply interested, but not quite so attached buffer in all that organic turmoil.” You’ll have to read her article for the context. Is Cheaney’s article respectful and endearing? Is it belittling and limiting? You never get a real conclusion.

WORLDmag is a Christian publication. 8BitDad thought you should know, just in case you’re allergic.