Or in other words, leave the “skirt work” to the skirts.
The real results of Ohio State University Professor Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan’s study showed that, in their study of families with pre-school aged children, men that helped with traditional caregiving were seen by their wives as undermining their efforts. The fathers were better suited playing with the babies and leaving the dirty work to the mothers.

In their words:

“…greater father involvement in play was associated with an increase in supportive and a decrease in undermining coparenting behavior over time. In contrast, greater father involvement in caregiving was associated with a decrease in supportive and an increase in undermining coparenting behavior.”

What we’re finding is that no matter how much we fight nature, traditional gender roles tend to work. Of course, this also gives fathers a reason to watch the basketball game instead of giving their kid a bath. Sorry moms.

Read the link to The Telegraph below for more info on how the study was conducted. Or just take it from us at face-value and see how far that gets you with your wife.

Sauce: The Telegraph