In another study that has proven the link between being a researcher and collecting a paycheck for nothing, a group of Spaniard researchers are publishing a study in the Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics that anyone’s high school counselor could have come up with. Now, try not to fall out of your seat when you hear this – but there’s a link between father-and-son smoking habits.


You mean to tell me that a kid’s first and foremost “genetic role model” helps form his habits? Get right out of town! But wait, there’s more: evidently daughters’ smoking habits are effected by – wait for it – their mothers.

What shocking study will we read next? That sons whose fathers are in jail are more likely to commit crimes? That daughters who were born to teenage mothers tend to get pregnant in their teen years? That children born to drug addicts are more likely to do drugs? You’re turning our world upside down, science. Stop, it hurts.

Sauce: Science Daily