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Matthew Starmore Speaks, 8BitDad Listens
9 years ago

Matthew Starmore Speaks, 8BitDad Listens

The following was left as a comment on our article “‘New Fathers 4 Justice’ Member Possibly Not Doing Great Things for Fathers or Justice“. It is from the subject of the story, Matthew Starmore. He felt that he wasn’t given a fair shake here, or in many media outlets. As Editor-in-Chief of 8BitDad, I will defend our site by saying that in short blurb stories such as the one linked above, we only offer quick summaries and links to outside news. We put no guarantees on other peoples’ information, and when posting links, they are offered as-is.

So, just as we offered the BBC’s article “at face value”, so too shall we offer Matthew Starmore’s response, after the jump. Please excuse our uncharacteristic lack of humorous pictures, as they don’t fit the story’s tone.

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