Logging those long-hours at work and locking yourself in your home-office on weekends is going to pay off. You’ll be able to afford the best education and consumer goods for your kid. Unfortunately, it’ll also make your kid an a-hole.

This breaking news comes from a study by Doctor of Sociology C. André Christie-Mizell, Jacqueline M. Keil, Mary Therese Laske, and Jennifer Stewart. They found that there is a correlation between a father’s time spent with his kid, and the kid’s likelihood of ending up a bully. A mother’s work hours strangely didn’t effect bullying behavior in the study – but the father’s work hours did; another factor that increased bullying was if the child perceived his father to be gone often. So, it would seem that a father could be around full-time seven days a week, but if the child perceives that he’s not spending time with the father – the kid turns into a jackass.

The best part of this study is the abstract’s final line: “Other important factors that shape bullying behavior are the quality of the home environment and the adolescent’s school performance.” So…basically you’re telling me that every-friggin-thing effects a kid’s likelihood of bullying behavior. Gotcha. It’s all clear now. thx.

Sauce: NY Times