The good news: Jose Agostinho Pereira was beheaded during a prison riot by not-so-fellow prisoners. He was in the middle of serving 30 years in prison because of…

The bad news: He spent his life raping his own daughter, “fathering” seven children with her. He went on to molest some of his grand/kids.

There’s nothing funny about rape, and this POS guy got what was coming to him. Other prisoners are never kind to child rapists – and it’s probably the opinion of many fathers out there that those prisoners are doing good work in making sure those rapists don’t hurt any other children.

Sadly, this was not the first time 8BitDad has run a story about someone raping their own daughter. As we said in the last story, make today the day that you thank your father for not being one of these men.

Sauce: True Crime Report