The LA Times Health section ran a piece yesterday about a couple “popular” male fertility pills – FertilAid and FertilityBlend for Men. These pills assure you that they’ll boost sperm count and health. Strangely enough, you’ve got to take multiple pills per day for at least three months for you to see a difference. Each bottle is about a month’s supply (depending on if you’re taking low-end dosages or not).

Oh, and you’ll be getting far higher than your recommended dietary allowance of things like vitamin E, B12 and assorted minerals like zinc. If you’re one of them modern science types, well, you might just think all this excess might have other implications.

While doctors will tell you that these blends probably cost more than they’re worth – they’ll also tell you that a normal multivitamin coupled with regular exercise will get you farther than a magic pill. Couple that with the other less attainable goals like stress-reduction, and your swimmers will be good-to-go.

The other factor? It comes down to, as it usually does, your diet. If you have a normal and balanced diet, you and your sperm will be healthier. So, if you and your wife want to make sure that you’ve got viable swimmers jumping into the pool, get your wife into the kitchen to make you a good and balanced dinner. Besides, if she wasn’t supposed to be in the kitchen, why else would God have filled her with eggs and milk?

That last tasteless joke is courtesy of the internet. Swear. Head on over to the LA Times’ website to read their whole analysis of these magic sperm pills.

Sauce: LA Times