Carl La Bove shared a lot of good times with his late friend Sam Kinison. Evidently, the two comics also shared women. La Bove, who owes over $188,000 in back child support to his ex-wife, might have something else “shared” that can help him in his financial woes: Kinison’s DNA.

La Bove has been in a 13-year-old agreement with his ex-wife to pay child support for their daughter. But La Bove says that he now has a DNA test (with DNA from Kinison’s brothers) that shows Kinison was actually the father of that now-21 year old daughter. If a court acknowledges Kinison as the father, La Bove hopes, the financial agreement can be terminated. La Bove has been without a driver’s license and has had adverse effects on his credit as a product of the financial burden.

During La Bove’s divorce, DNA paternity testing wasn’t offered. For years, even La Bove’s ex-wife suggested that Kinison was the father. Kinison’s brother helped La Bove out with an attorney during the divorce – which is a point of concern for La Bove now, as the attorney never suggested to challenge paternity.

The DNA test, BTW, shows that there’s a zero percent chance that La Bove is related to the daughter. It shows, however, that there is a 99.8% chance that Kinison’s brothers are.

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