There are a lot of complicated issues in fatherhood. Though many fathers don’t agree on all of the rights and wrongs of raising a child, everyone agrees on one thing: Billy Ray Cyrus really gets it.


Billy Ray’s been in the news lately because 1) mullets are making a huge comeback, and 2) he’s aired out some regrets about how he raised Miley recently in an interview with GQ. In the interview, Billy Ray talks about how he wishes that the monolithic-ly popular Hannah Montana never happened, and that Miley’s name was initially Destiny Hope Cyrus – which is a pretty great name if you’re into symbolism and dreadlocks.

The best part about GQ’s interview is that it infuriated Miley.

Billy Ray also confirms that his family is under attack by Satan. Check out’s summary at the link below or the full interview at the link above.