WARNING: It’s 3:44am and 8BitDad is in full-on editorial mode. And so…

Scratch one off 8BitDad’s source lists: Huffington Post. Not officially, but the magic 8-bit-ball says that all signs point to yes. This isn’t breaking news, but AOL, Inc. got bored one crisp February morning and acquired The Huffington Post. The rest of the internet more or less decided the sky is falling, and maybe it is. Maybe it’s not. But one thing’s for sure: ever since the announcement on February 7th, HuffPo’s fatherhood tag has gone to hell.

We’d been referencing Huffington Post articles found in the above-linked fatherhood tag, but ever since AOL’s announcement, look at the titles we’ve had to work with: February 9th’s “Five Simple Sex Tips for Parents,” and February 25th’s “Get the Mother!

In Charlie Carillo’s defense, he does spend three lines (depending on your font size) talking about fatherhood in his article. But from title to target, the story is about a humorous side-effect of motherhood. In the three-line shout-out, Carillo mentions that dads are usually painted in the news “stereotyped as befuddled, irresponsible louts who vanish either physically or emotionally soon after the children are born, leaving the mothers to thank or blame for everything.” Forget thanks, we can’t even get the blame for things anymore! Sheesh.

Let me be the first to welcome The Huffington Post to the rest of the internet’s party…and here’s to a long future of motherhood stories tagged “fatherhood.”