A father and daughter met up after an 11-year hiatus – and somehow, Twitter helped make the connection.

Out of all of the world’s tweets, 58 year old Daniel Morales, the awesomely-named @putodanny, posted one from a prepaid phone – asking if anyone had seen his daughter, Sarah Rivera. Someone got a hold of the 27 year old Rivera through Facebook, yadda yadda yadda, and bang – reunion.

Rewind. Morales had last seen Rivera in 2000, just before she went to go live with her mother. Morales moved to Puerto Rico. Sometime later, Morales ends up on the streets of New York, and in a program called Underheard in New York. “Underheard” says that they’re “fighting homelessness 140 characters at a time,” and have given four men (of which Morales is one) a prepaid cellphone with a month of unlimited texts. They’ve also set the four men up with a Twitter account.

Fast forward to last Friday, Morales and Rivera have a tearful reunion. Morales even met his grandchildren for the first time. Rivera and Morales are overjoyed, and somehow, Twitter helped make it happen.

Well, and a lot of good people too, I guess.

Sauce: CBSNews.com