God bless at What They Play. Recently, (and by “recently” I mean last week), Andrew Hayward reviewed the widely-anticipated Bulletstorm for WTP, and the result is high-class hilarity.

Oh, it’s not funny that Bulletstorm is one of the filthiest games of 2011 (and 2010!). It’s hilarious that, in WTP format, Hayward had to list all of the expletives and sexual acts mentioned in Bulletstorm. Even better is that he had to use asterisks to obscure most of the words. Maybe I’m a prude, but I had to take a second to figure out what some of them were.

8BitDad will not be reviewing Bulletstorm. No further reason will be furnished as to why. How do you like that for mystique?

BTW – if you want to skip to the best parts, check out #3 and #4 of Hayward’s “Bulletstorm: 6 Things Parents Should Know“.

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