Provided you can get by the title, “Date Your Daughter” is a nice little insight into a topic that some fathers find difficult to handle: opening lines of communication between fathers and daughters. Fathers of daughters can’t phone-it-in; daughters need their fathers as much as they need mothers.

In fact, there’s a lot about womanhood that fathers unknowingly teach their daughters. “our girls are forming ideas about what they might want in a boyfriend and husband some day,” the article mentions, “and we are their closest examples and best points of reference.”

After all, how many times has your wife said “oh god, you sound like my father.” Chances are, if she said that – they had a good relationship with him. If she married and loves you, and says that you are like him, she must love and respect him. Italic, italic, italic.

Some of the best advice given is to do the gentlemanly things that will endear her to you. Open doors for her, buy her a flower from time to time. “Tell her she looks nice.”

Check out for the rest of this little piece. Just hold your hand up over the title so you don’t get creeped out.