A friend of mine has been introducing me to CrossFit, a fitness training regiment primarily based around power-lifting and full-body calisthenics. Every day a new workout is published at a central website, CrossFit.com. Today’s workout was…five rounds for time of: 135 pound Back squat, 20 reps and a 20-yard handstand walk.

Included at the bottom of every posted workout are usually some times/records from notable CrossFit athletes around the world. There will also usually be a demonstration video of these athletes doing the “workout of the day” (WOD). Today’s demo video came from a group of CrossFit kids (CrossFitKids.com).

And that’s when stuff got real!

The kids in this video are incredible. They are doing the exercises designed for grown-ups that even I can’t do! And dad isn’t taking it easy on these twelve-year-olds either. At one point after a tumble, dad sends one of the boys back to where he fell, instead of where he wound up after the spill.

Check out the full video at the CrossFit main site by following the link below (may take a second to load), but be prepared to feel like a lazy bum for the rest of the week!

Sauce: Crossfit.com