Back in 2002, “Mean” Mike Green competed in Missouri’s first officially-sanctioned amateur MMA match. Now, at 37, he’s hoping to let the punches just roll off of him.

And onto his daughter.

Mike’s daughter, 12 year old Madeline Green, is, according to the Riverfront Times, one of the top MMA prospects in the area. Last year, “Maddy the Madness” won every karate tournament she joined, beating both girls and boys. At 4’6″ and 74lbs, she’s often outweighed by competitors but not out-classed. She’s come from a rich background of experiences; she was born with a hole in her heart – and nurses thought she’d need open-heart surgery. But at six months old, the hole had all but closed on its own.

So, in other words, Maddy the Madness is one of the X-men.

Riverfront Times’ story is SIX pages long – but worth the read if you’re into MMA, or you need a good father-daughter pick-me-up. Remember to teach your daughters that they can be anything – even if what they want to be is menacing.

Sauce: Riverfront Times