Ask any single dude looking to adopt what he thinks his chances are. His answer will probably be more cynical than yours. He hears from all his friends and family what they “have heard.” Everyone’s got a friend-of-a-friend. Everyone somehow knows someone who once knew someone that tried and failed.

There’s a lot of speculation and misinformation surrounding adoption by single men. Just 20 years ago, single people male or female were told flat-out to take a hike.

Brian J. Tessier wants to help capable single men adopt. As CEO of We Hear The Children, a non-profit organization that deals with children’s causes including adoption, education and diversity, Tessier is used to hearing adoption horror stories where ultimately, good people lose.

Tessier created 411-4-DAD to help men that have questions about adoption. By calling 1-855-411-4-DAD or visiting, men can connect with other dads that were or are in a similar situation as them. 411-4-DAD is not religiously-affiliated, and is not a legal service. It’s just good men that want to help other good men – and more importantly, get some good kids into good homes.

Sauce: PRNewsWire