Bad week for Pizza Hut. Yesterday, I had read a buddy’s story about how Pizza Hut left him without a pizza for he and his family. After three phone calls, the “shift manager” had blamed him for the problem and hung up on him repeatedly. In short, Pizza Hut lost the dude as a customer, and good ol’ John Schnatter saved the day.

Not ten minutes later, I was feeling all free-market-fail and figured I’d go to The Consumerist, home of the customer grievance. They ran a similar story where basically, all a dude wanted to do was feed his family, and somehow, in a mix of online ordering, cold food and a complete lack of customer care, another father was left pizzaless.

Message to Pizza Hut – you’re officially on blast.

Message to dads – start making your own pizzas at home. It’s easy, fun for the kids, and more healthy. Sometime in the near future, 8BitDad will be hooking you up with a recipe.