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8 years ago Explores the Commercialization of Fatherhood

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If there’s a point that we make on 8BitDad often, it’s that fatherhood sites and writers should not portray fathers as if they’re morons – or just more kids for mommy to take care of. As a writer dealing with fatherhood issues and culture, it’s important to maintain the level of pride and confidence that you’d expect for-and-about the “fairer sex.” In other words, speak in the manner you’d like to be spoken to. If you think it’s funny to say that dad’s don’t know their way around the kitchen or avoid dirty diapers – then you can’t be mad when the woman-centric parent sites treat you that way.

This isn’t the only point Jim McGaw makes in his‘s story about the “commercialization” of fatherhood – but it’s our numero uno takeaway. That’s spanish for number one.

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