If there’s a point that we make on 8BitDad often, it’s that fatherhood sites and writers should not portray fathers as if they’re morons – or just more kids for mommy to take care of. As a writer dealing with fatherhood issues and culture, it’s important to maintain the level of pride and confidence that you’d expect for-and-about the “fairer sex.” In other words, speak in the manner you’d like to be spoken to. If you think it’s funny to say that dad’s don’t know their way around the kitchen or avoid dirty diapers – then you can’t be mad when the woman-centric parent sites treat you that way.

This isn’t the only point Jim McGaw makes in his Parenthood.com‘s story about the “commercialization” of fatherhood – but it’s our numero uno takeaway. That’s spanish for number one.

“We’re probably at the beginning of establishing literature for dads that’s meaningful and relevant,” says fatherhood lecturer and Psychologist Richard Solomon. What Jim McGaw discusses in the article is that as Solomon mentions, fatherhood issues are still an emergent market – and so right now, we’re weeding through the crap that was made just to sell – not to educate. E-tailers are beginning to see that the audience and consumers for “fatherhood” products are generally women, and because of this, the condescending man products (like the “Daddy Diaper Duty Emergency Tool Kit”, a kit including a mask and tongs).

McGaw seems to find a lot of professionals that let us know – the dad revolution is just about here – but it still needs a big push. And even if current commercialization of fathers is “humorous” (which is shop-talk for condescending), it means that people are thinking about it. It’s only a matter of time until we as fathers, demand that it’s done correctly.

All of this is why 8BitDad exists – our site is not a personal website, but gets deeply personal from time to time. We aggregate real news about fathers across the globe – and present it to you fathers as a way to let you know that there’s plenty of “normal” news out there for you. Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you want to be bombarded by porn and sports scores all day long. And just because you’re a father doesn’t mean that you care to read article after article about how some dude’s kid took an awesome nap. We link to other fathers’ personal blogs – but only if it raises bigger issues or helps advance a dialogue about fatherhood. In the meantime, we’re sure you’ll enjoy all of the news we’ve found around the web for you – because, after all, it pertains to you. You care about all the stuff you cared about before, but now you want to know how it relates to your new job as a father. 8BitDad’s got you covered, brother.

Sauce: Parenthood.com