Steven Rinella can be seen all over the Travel Channel nowadays, on his show “The Wild Within.” He’s written a couple of books, and has had his writing featured all over the place, from the New York Times to He’s even had writing published in Glamour and the awkwardly-named O the Oprah Magazine. And in case you’re not completely in-touch with your sexuality, let me be the one to say that Steven Rinella is pretty dreamy-looking. But that’s a whole ‘nother article on a whole ‘nother website.

For 8BitDad’s purposes, Steven Rinella is a complete bad-ass – he’s an outdoorsman, a writer, and most importantly, a father. Man of the House writer Craig Heimbuch got to talk to Rinella recently and they discussed where food comes from (or used to, at least), and what Rinella’s relationship is like with his own father and child. For example, Rinella wondered, when the Travel Channel first approached him to do a series, if he turned it down – would he resent his son? Would the desire to stay home and raise his child cause him to miss one of his greatest potential journeys.

Rinella and Heimbuch bring up these issues – how a natural wanderer feels when he’s “pinned down” to a family.

If you’ve never seen Rinella’s “The Wild Within,” you’d be doing yourself a favor to check it out – Rinella’s got a really down-to-earth character to him that makes him a lot more compelling than the buck-and-bravado of other wilderness show hosts. True, Rinella might not ever have to find a reason to drink his own urine to survive, but he’s going to make you want to grab a fishing pole or bow and arrow and head outside.