This one escaped us last week, and the power was out last night, so good morning, welcome to last week’s news!

David Dutcher is a father of three. He and his wife divorced 15 years ago, and David was just getting back into the dating scene. He met a gal on and had a date with her. During the date, she kissed him a couple of times – and then, another chick showed up, and they promised Dutcher that if he followed them home (to their jacuzzi), things would get even better.

Dutcher would never know how much better because he was pulled over moments later and arrested for a DUI.

Here’s the kicker, and we’ll let the SF Gate take it from here, Dutcher ended up having his custody and visitation greatly reduced because of this DUI. What if Dutcher’s ex-wife had hired a private investigator to set Dutcher up in this bar with a woman, and set the cops up to specifically target him? What if all of this was an elaborate scheme by Dutcher’s ex-wife to discredit him in their 2007 divorce proceedings?

Is this any different than a set-up like Dataline NBC’s “To Catch A Predator?” Is it wrong to set someone up, or is it Dutcher’s fault for doing something that is knowingly wrong (drunk driving)?

SF Gate‘s got the story.

And in inappropriate news, David Dutcher looks like Muzzy.

Sauce: SF Gate