As a father, you’ve got one weapon in the fight to stay above water with your kids: your “dad voice.” As Dan Kieran, of STL Today says, it’s “something only fathers have.” He continues, “Mothers don’t have it and even nonfather men can’t seem to get the right inflection to pull off the Dad Voice…”

Every father of a toddler knows this voice. Even the most soft-spoken father understands now that sometimes the dog’s bark is worse than its bite. The voice somehow worms into your kid’s head and lets them know that number one, they’ve been caught, and number two, that you’re unstable and might go nuclear if he or she continues doing whatever it is that brought the voice out.

But with great power comes great responsibility – you can’t just blow up at everything. You’ve got to use your gift and fatherhood right in a way that harvests justice and peace. The voice can only come out when your kid needs to be “shocked” back to reality. So use it sparingly and it’ll remain the perfect tool to halt evil.

Kieran explores some examples of using his Dad Voice at STL Today. Check the sauce!

Sauce: STL Today