Father of the Year Nominee Daniel Dorn lost a ruling on Friday that blocked his ex-wife, Abbie Dorn from visitation rights with her children.

Abbie, who suffered severe brain damage during the childbirth of their triplets, was initially restricted because Daniel argued Abbie’s neurological incapacitation made her legally incompetent to make decisions about the children. Abbie lives with her parents in South Carolina.

Daniel has been fighting the case against Abbie’s parents. The triplets, who have only seen Abbie a small handful of times, turn 5 in June.

CNN reported that “Daniel Dorn stated in court documents he wants the children to see their mother when they are older, perhaps 6 or 7 — if he receives medical evidence that she will be able to communicate with them.” Daniel also called Abbie “unfit,” a name often used for abusive parents, which doesn’t seem to fit this situation. Daniel then ignored the old saying about getting more flies with honey.

Abbie is now granted a three-hour-per-day, five-consecutive-day visit with the kids (under Daniel’s supervision), as well as a 30-minute monthly Skype visitation-call. Daniel must also place photos of Abbie in his home (where the kids have full custody), so the kids can see them. The judge ruled that the interaction between the kids and Abbie during her visitation will be beneficial to the children – and that they’ll form memories of their mother.

The ruling is temporary, with a full case pending.

Associated Press says that Daniel’s “attorney Vicki Greene says her side is ‘thrilled’ with the decision, because the visits will be minimal and supervised.” In related news, this chick is somehow able to sleep at night.

Sauce: CNN