You like how we say “reminder” like we’ve told you to listen to GamerGeekDad before? Well, we meant to.

GamerGeekDad is the podcast by two fathers you may know in the geekosphere – artist Len Peralta and Robert Bowling, the Creative Strategist for Infinity Ward. They talk about all things geek – and even worked on a book together – Robert Bowling’s Look!.

New podcasts come out every Sunday – and yes, that’s precisely why we keep forgetting to tell you about it. Sunday’s Episode 4 was about (among other things) self-publishing books versus going to larger publishers.

Last week’s topic was PAX East convention – also a good listen. If you’re a gamer, a geek, and a father, then you’ve got no excuse for not listening to GamerGeekDad. If you’re only one of those things, then you’re still invited, and you might learn about those of us that are.