During a tennis match yesterday, David Ferrer was irked by a crying baby in the crowd and lobbed a ball in his general direction.

Look, there’s a couple of issues here.

David Ferrer is a professional, and shouldn’t be hitting a ball at anyone except the other player. No questions asked. He could and should be fined – if a basketball player threw a ball into the crowd, he’d be fined, no matter how soft or off-target the shot was.

On the other hand, the father shouldn’t have had the baby at the game. I’m glad a father was spending time with his kid, but there’s a time and a place for babies, and at a tennis game is not one of them. It’s universally-known that tennis games demand silence (more on that later*). Why would you bring a kid to one? You don’t bring a dog to a movie theater (and if you do, you’re an a$$hole too). No one cares about your kid. He’s not cute, he’s not wonderful, he’s not amazing. He doesn’t belong at a tennis game.

It did, for the record, shut the kid up.

*a commenter on another website raised the question of why it’s got to be so quiet for tennis players. Baseball players hit a ball with a smaller utensil while a stadium of fans cheer. Basketball players make free-throws with people cheering and waving stuff in their field of vision. There’s no special precision that’s so unique to tennis that they should be treated like snipers. So, can we pretty please buck this trend?

Sauce: BleacherReport