Hey, both of you 8BitDad readers in the Chicago area – this one’s for you!

The Stand Up Dads, four comedians whose acts center around their families, will be performing a show next week, April 8, in Aurora, IL.

The four dudes – Milt Abel, Tim Bedore, Kelly McDonald and Dan St. Paul – have been around the “industry” – all independently doing comedy, and appearing on television and at corporate conventions. Their clean style and family subjects have got them a lot of attention since they started in 2000.

The group all have kids of different ages, which makes their 4-part show dynamic. Each comedian does a 30-minute set, and there’s usually a question-and-answer session afterwards.

If you’re interested in checking their show out – search for Stand Up Dads at the ol’ evil empire, Ticketmaster.

Sauce: Chicago Sun Times