J. Wilson of Iowa is a father of two, an editor for a local paper, and a beer aficionado. He’s so into beer, in fact, that he gave up all other forms of nutrition for Lent.

In the 40 days before Easter, Christians are reminded of Jesus’ 40 day withdrawl into the desert – and usually fast in one way or another, or otherwise give up some comfort of home.

In the case of J. Wilson, some (alcoholics) argue he’s not really sacrificing anything – he had decided to drink beer for every meal, every day of Lent. But there’s a catch.

Wilson is actually continuing a deeply religious tradition, carried out by German monks 300ish years ago. When they’d fast for Lent, they’d consume only water and a high calorie beer that kept them fed-and-focused throughout the day. Now halfway through Lent, Wilson is admittedly sick of his “Illuminator Doppelbock,” a brew that he and a local brewmaster created together.

He has 4 12-ounce glasses of the Doppelbock with snacks in-between comprised of…water. On weekends, he indulges in a fifth Doppelbock.

Perhaps we’ll never know whether Wilson did this as a publicity stunt or not, but he says he’s a “nondenominational Christian,” which is Christian-talk for “non-practicing.”

A book, he says, is in the works. He can’t be doing this for his family, since he’s already had medical scares on the diet. So is it just for publicity for his own blog? Oops, guess we walked right into that one.