DadRevolution blogger “The DaddyYo Dude” is a hardworking father and husband, and wonders what all dads do – how can he raise his son to be a man that understands his emotions.

John, The DaddyYo Dude, has been thinking lately about how his 4 year old son will be entering kindergarten soon, and encountering a whole class full of new kids – ones that may tease him. His wife doesn’t want anyone to tease her son, of course. But John knows that he can’t stop kids from picking on each other, and just wants to prepare his sensitive kid for the world – without him losing that sensitivity, or becoming someone that solves problems by fighting.

We don’t often read about this angle of the bullying paradigm; there’s no shortage of articles and studies about bullies – but not a lot of attention paid to what we can do to prepare kids emotionally. It’s good to see fathers like John who want their kids to stay sensitive, and manage their emotions. And of course, it’s great to know that a father like John will be there to listen to his son when there’s a problem.

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