On April 11, Chad Henry Christie will find out if his game of “baby animals” is considered child-endangerment by a Minnesota court.

In this game – one that Christie played with his children – he had his kids “suck on his nipples,” according to the police report. One of the children went to the police in late February, and the story was run by the other child to get things straight. After that, police had Christie come down to the station. He wasn’t under arrest, and wasn’t required to give a statement. Yet Christie talked. And talked.

Christie admitted to the “baby animals” game, but claimed that it wasn’t sexual in nature – but that he does, indeed, have sexual issues and needs therapy.

You can read the official police warrant here.

This is very sad, as always, for the kids – who not only have to make peace with the abuse they underwent, but also now have to grow up without a father. The small handful of articles on the internet about Christie all mention the phrase “when they visit him,” in reference to the kids visiting Christie – meaning that they do not live with him – but a mother isn’t mentioned in the CityPages story (sauced below).

The kids are in counseling, and, I’m sure, awaiting a tough experience at the April 11 trial.

Sauce: CityPages