Fatherhood writer Aaron Gouveia spanks his kids, and he’s not apologizing for it. Ever since his son was a twinkle in his eye and an itch in his testies, Gouveia had felt spanking was a valid form of punishment and deterrent. His wife didn’t then, and still doesn’t, even when her husband’s spanks show “positive” results.

Gouveia admits that it’s a complex issue and that there’s more than two sides to it. He himself hates doing it, and – something we can all agree on – says that anyone that enjoys spanking their kid is a sicko. “But sometimes, with certain kids, it’s effective,” says Gouveia. “I say certain kids because the decision to spank a child has to be taken on a case-by-case basis.”

Gouveia’s clearly thinking it through. While I personally side with his wife, who doesn’t “believe in” spanking, I like to hear thoughtful discussion on the topic. I also like that when someone wants to convey that they don’t agree with spanking as a punishment, they say they don’t “believe in” it, as if it’s a leprechaun.

Read the rest of Gouveina’s argument at the DadsGood wing of the Good Men Project, sauced below.

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