Just in case you didn’t notice the byline two posts down, 8BitDad’s got a new contributor. 8BitDad welcomes Nicholaus Noles to the site, a dude you might already be familiar with. Here’s a run-down of why having Noles our our team is awesome:

  • He’s got a PhD. from Yale in Psychology.
  • He’s written for What They Play, and we’ve talked about him before.
  • He’s written for IGN.
  • He’s a father.
  • He once did the Kessel run in roundabout 14 parsecs. Sure, it’s not “under 12,” but being that the Kessel run is 18 parsecs, it’s still impressive.

We heard that What They Play had a questionable future, so we wanted to make sure Nick had a place to get his fatherhood on.

We hope you look forward to watching Nick get it on as much as we do.