Our buddies over at Digital Shepherds know the value in father-daughter relationships. Founder of the non-profit, Tshaka Armstrong, suggests that one of the best ways a father can influence a daughter is by listening.

And the best way to listen, of course, is over tea.

Armstrong has suggested this before – and people seemed to like the idea. So, Armstrong is taking it to the next level – he’s throwing the word “National” into the mix.

Armstrong’s got two ways for you to see this “National Daddy Daughter Tea Date” through. His suggestions:

1) If you’re involved in your school’s PTA, ask them to host a morning event Friday, May 13th. You put up flyers, get other dads involved and sit down and do a communal “tea” (what you drink is not so important as showing up) starting before school at 7:30 AM and lasting for 45 minutes.

2) Take your daughter to tea Saturday, May 14th. Check the Facebook fan page to see if there is a tea being hosted by another dad in your area and double the fun! If not, just simply strike out on your own with your princess and begin a new chapter in your relationship.

If you do want to be a part of a local tea party, you can even e-mail Tshaka and the gang, and they’ll add you to the list of events going on that day. The hope is, of course, that fathers and daughters across the nation will all be out that day, meeting with each other and strengthening their relationships. This will, in turn, let the daughters know that their fathers love them and are listening – and hopefully, that’ll stop them from looking for attention elsewhere.

“Just remember that the most important part of your afternoon together,” Armstrong says, “is that you be an outstanding listener.” Too often, parents jump into fixing a problem – before they really listen and decide whether it is a problem, or if their kid just needs to vent. Hopefully, Digital Shepherds’ National Daddy Daughter Tea Date catches on – it’s a simple way to get our often-out-of-control society back on track.