Recently, DadLabs talked to Andrea Doucet about her book Do Men Mother? And aside from the normal (but important) conversation about how women feel about seeing men at the park, Doucet brings up a great point about people seeking “50/50 marriages.” Doucet asks what exactly “50/50” would be – and says that there are specific and different things that men and women want to do for leisure and chores. In that respect, the key is having a symmetry in the marriage, not trying to cut things in half.

This is an important idea Doucet touches upon – so often, we’re worried about cutting things exactly in half so they’re 50/50 that we don’t create a symmetry in the relationship. If you hate doing laundry but your wife doesn’t, clearly you value the task differently, and thus, it’s hard to quantify exactly what you owe your wife to make up for her doing the laundry. Is it enough to just fold the laundry? Do you need to mow the lawn?

Also, buy Doucet’s book so she can afford a better webcam. She was absolutely drowning in jaggies and pixelshitz.