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Dad Testifies for Transgender Teen Daughter
9 years ago

Dad Testifies for Transgender Teen Daughter

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Maine proposed bill LD 1046 is troublesome. The bill, basically, gives the operator of a bathroom or shower facility the power to decide “who” can use it. If this sounds confusing, it is. I know I’m missing something.

Where things get difficult is with transgendered “users.” While the bill has bathroom operators choosing who uses the facility based on “biological sex” – that is, whether you’re biologically male or female, transgendered people generally identify with (and can very well be all but genetically) the other gender.

Joanne Herman, a transgender advocate – and transgendered herself – wrote about it on Huffington Post. She talks about a father, Wayne Maines – who was very vocal against the bill.

The takeaway comes in the second-to-last paragraph of the Wayne Maines’ letter. He says: “She came to me crying and asked, ‘Daddy what did I do wrong? Daddy please fix this?’ That is what dads do — we fix things. I had to break her heart and say, ‘You have not done anything wrong sweetie, but Mommy and I do not know how to fix this, but we will try.’

As a father, you’re a fixer. The world, I think we can all agree, is broken. We’re the protectors of our children, and when our kids hurt, we fix it. Sometimes this means doing it the hard way – and sometimes this means knowing when to quit. A bunch of on-and-off-topic discussion after the break.

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