(image is of the Ham family, with possibly Photoshopped-in Dr. Frasier Crane, Captain America, and some dude in a sombrero.)

The Arizona Republic ran a novel about Steven and Roger Ham, who’ve successfully adopted 12 children. This is remarkable, since Arizona banned gay marriage AND disallow gay couples to adopt. The couple originally planned on adopting ONE child, if any at all.

The article talks about ALL of the legislation dealing with gay marriage and adoption. The TL;DR is “gay marriage and adoption by gay couples doesn’t happen.” The loophole is that while the government takes exception to these issues when finding children homes – the actual people working with the children generally do not. In the best interest of finding children homes and families, sexual orientation has proven to be just about as important as ethnicity. Which is to say, not at all. Writer Karina Bland mentions that “The Arizona Department of Economic Security, which licenses foster and adoptive parents, cannot discriminate based on sexual orientation.”

The only unbelievable thing in the story is that the family of 14 “gets by” on Roger’s salary as a school-bus driver. Are we supposed to believe THAT? If it’s true, sign me up! I live in California, where you’ve got to be working as a

If you’ve got the time, Steven and Roger’s story is extraordinary, and very father-relevant, no matter your sexual orientation. One might say that since there’s two dads, it might actually be double-relevant, so run and tell that, conservative America.

Sauce: Arizona Republic