Ramazan Acar admitted this week in court that on November 17 of last year, he updated his Facebook status to “Bout 2 kill ma kid,” and then did so.

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The Australian man picked his daughter up from the mother’s custody, and instead of taking her out for a treat as planned, drove to the Greenvale Reservoir reserve, stabbed his daughter numerous times in the chest, and dumped her body. Rachelle D’Argent, the girl’s mother, received a text saying “It’s ova I did it.” D’Argent rushed to the police station, where she spoke with Acar on the phone. “I’ve killed her,” Acar said to her. “She’s just lying next to me in her leggings and her top covered in blood.”

What doesn’t make sense is D’Argent’s account – Acar arrived at her house (in breach of a court order) with a giant knife and cuts on his arms, and said to her that he “had enough of life.” According to D’Argent, he seemed drunk. He asked to take their daughter out for a treat at a “milkbar,” and D’Argent initially did not want Acar to do so – but agreed since the milkbar was close. I can’t figure out why she had agreed – except that I’ve never had someone with a huge knife making a request of me. I can only imagine she was scared – but I don’t know how giving him their child relieved any of that fear.

Acar will be seen in Victorian Surpreme Court later this month, where hopefully he’s sentenced to death, twice, because they intentionally screw it up the first time, leaving him in pain.

Never be desensitized. People like this should affect you.

Thank you for reading this site – it means that you care, and that you’ll never be a disgusting waste of fatherhood like Acar has been.

Sauce: ABC (Australia)