Fatherhood advocate site Fathers & Families e-mailed today about another bummer of a fatherhood issue: media bias. It seems like even when a father’s got nothing to do with a family problem – or worse, when a mother murders her children, the blame still somehow creeps back to the father. Mothers are always given the benefit of the doubt, in the media’s eye, but all too often, fathers only receive the doubt.

This time around, the media discusses the Lashanda Armstrong triple-murder case – where Armstrong drove her car into the Hudson River with herself and her four kids in the car. Three of the children died, and the eldest was able to free himself and swim away. But even as the child mentioned Lashanda holding the children down so that they’d be sure to die – the media pointed to Jean Pierre, the father, as at least partially responsible for the deaths. Lashanda even told the children “you’re going to die with me.”

Some experts claim that it’s attributed to peoples’ thirst for an answer. In demonizing and blaming the father, the public gets to answer why a mother would do such a horrible thing.

Fathers & Families writer and chairman Ned Holstein discusses the worst part, saying “because he wanted to hold a separate funeral and burial for his children, rather than the joint service the murderers’ family had planned. Yet who would want to mourn for their dead children at the same service held for their killer?”

Pierre’s only public statement: “I have been inaccurately portrayed as being directly responsible for the tragedy.” Let’s make it clear – Pierre may not have been an upstanding citizen or even a responsible father. But unless he pushed the car into the Hudson, he’s not responsible for this tragedy.

And a final DYK: More mothers kill kids under the age of 5 than fathers. That’s a hard-to-verify fact, I’m sure, but it’s on the internet, so it must be true.

Sauce: Fathers & Families