A 5 year old girl walked away from a car accident in Florida with just a bloody nose and lower lip. This is remarkable. Tellyawhy:

The 5 year old took control of the wheel of her dad’s car after he passed out.

The father/moron, 40 year old Mark Endicot Jackson Jr., was unresponsive when the cops showed up. Later, he was nice enough to let the cops know he gobbled-up both a Xanax and an Oxycodone earlier that day.

Jackson was being held as of Tuesday on $3,000 bail. According to the Florida Times-Union article (sauced below), “In addition to driving under the influence while accompanied by a minor, Jackson was charged with driving under the influence and causing damage, careless driving, and driving without he or his daughter wearing a seat belt.” They should have also tacked on a couple of illegal U-turns as well to drive the point home.

Sauce: Florida Times-Union