We had to wait until Mother’s Day was over to let you know an important finding: success flows from father to child.

Boom goes the dynamite.

The Australian study that unearthed this info, titled “Unequal Opportunities: Life Chances for Children in the Lucky Country,” compared and contrasted the backgrounds of 13,000 university graduates, aged 30 to 45.

Some of this info is kind of obvi – if a father holds a degree, his kids are more likely to hold a degree. No kidding. The study also found was that those kids from educated fathers also ended up having more professional jobs and earned more on average than those without.

There’s some other Australia-based info in the article sauced below, if you’re into that sort of thing. In the meantime, I’m just going to kick back here with my degree and watch my kid prosper.

Sauce: ABC (Australia)