Protesters gathered today outside the Sheikh Ali Gomaa office in opposition to el-Hanem’s Laws which favor women in all matters after divorce, including custody of children. The protesters carried pictures of the children they could no longer legally see.

The el-Hanem’s Laws, or “Suzanne Mubarak Laws,” were allegedly enacted with backing from Hosni Mubarak’s wife Suzanne, and award custody to the mother after divorce. Under the law, fathers, only by blessing of a court ruling in their favor, can see their children for three hours per week. In addition, the age of sole child custody is raised to 15 years old, which is in direct opposition to Islamic Shariaa, which sees custody ages at seven for boys and nine for girls. The Islamic Shariaa governs all status and inheritance issues in the Egyptian Constitution.

One father in the protest mentioned that the el-Hanem’s Laws were pushed through by Western countries. There’s almost no information on the internet about el-Hanem’s Laws, so it’s hard to figure out where these laws have their roots.

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Sauce: Egyptian Gazette