Department of Children and Families and the Wisconsin Works welfare program are going to start looking to fathers as legitimate parents.

This is great news since coincidentally, fathers have been legitimate parents since the beginning of time.

Milwaukee County’s Department of Child Support Enforcement, Lisa Marks, acknowledged the difference between “dead beat dads” and “dead broke dads,” a distinction that has led to the disparity in positive attention to fathers in the welfare system.

The Department of Children and Families is looking to change their “W2” program, which typically gives welfare money to only one parent, and places a child with the parent who – now get this – has most of the child’s toys. Yes, a divorced father in Wisconsin can lose his child in the event that he is laid off from a job and has fewer toys than his ex-wife! Under new proposed legislation, factors like employment and education would be used to determine child placement.

While this sounds like a great idea – a national group of welfare experts mentioned that involving fathers can be difficult. “A large portion of fathers are in prison or jail,” says Marilyn Putz, vice president and director of operation for programs in Walworth County, including the Jobs Center.

So, if you’re thinking about becoming a father, Wisconsin might not be the place for you. They kind of hate you there, FYI.

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Sauce: Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel