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Fatherhood Bits & Bytes: The One Whose Girlfriend Had An Abortion
9 years ago

Fatherhood Bits & Bytes: The One Whose Girlfriend Had An Abortion

In the new column ‘Fatherhood Bits & Bytes’, Zach talks to extraordinary men, women and fathers that are dealing with modern fatherhood issues. Everyone’s got a story about a dad, and we plan on hearing them.

* Names have been changed to protect both parties.

In early February, Frank* took a day off work. Naturally, I gave him the 3rd degree for staying home, because I thought it meant he had the sniffles, and he was a giant pansy. I asked him if he cuddled up on the couch and watched a Julia Roberts movie while sipping some reduced sodium chicken noodle soup out of an oversized coffee mug. I asked him if he was home listening to his hipster music and hitting his new fixie with a sack of nickels to give it a dinged-up, weathered look. I asked if he’d been home, thinking about long lost love, writing poetry on a typewriter and immediately crumpling the pages up and having a good cry about all of the things he’d dreamt about.

That’s when Frank told me that he was at a clinic the day before with his girlfriend, having a follow-up appointment, after aborting what would have been his son.

The kicker is that Frank wanted to keep the baby. His girlfriend did not. This is Frank’s story.

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