Here at 8BitDad, we are 100% behind the idea that pregnancy isn’t just a “chick thing.” We know that fatherhood starts at conception. And before the baby squirts out, the father has his own baby issues to sort through.

Most commonly, the father begins to deal with the idea that the family is changing, and the physical home will change when a nursery takes the place of some “extra” corner. Men tend to worry about financial issues of adding another member to the family, and deal with the life-issues of pregnancy and an impending child.

But the Daily Mail reports that 23% of expectant fathers undergo their own “pregnancy,” which involves, among other things, bizarre food cravings and phantom “pregnancy pains.”

C’mon, people. Can we all just put on our man-panties and think this one through? Someone get out the stat book and find me anything else that 23% – not even 1/4 – of men feel; I bet you’d find that 1-in-4 men think the moon is held in the sky with the power of magic.

Now, we’re not knocking the dudes that get more emotional during the pregnancy. It’s normal for an expectant father to “soften up” a little and experience emotions that he might not have tapped into before. Life is powerful like that – and if it isn’t, then what’s the point? But passing off men having pregnancy pains as any kind of normal is a little outrageous. Yes, the modern father is more involved with the pregnancy – and he wants to be part of the process of bringing his child into the world.

Fathers – we’ve got a hard enough time having the world look at us as parents, let alone good ones. Let’s not screw it up with crazy talk, okay?