A heated debate is raging in Kentucky over children from extramarital affairs. Common law, backed by a 2008 ruling awarded full custody and responsibility of children born from such circumstances to the mother and her husband. But a Kentucky Fried Supreme Court has now ruled that the father of the child will receive certain parental rights.

The court said that the old law made sense up until now, but with the prevalence of paternity-proving DNA testing, it’s easier to prove who the father of a child is. Typically, the “old” way of proving paternity was to bring a kid before the jury and say “doesn’t this look like me?” Modern solutions to modern problems. Nice!

In opposition, Justice Bill Cunningham said said that this sends marriage “to the funeral pyre of modern convenience and unanchored values.”

Interestingly enough, proponents of the law argue that this law will encourage fathers to take responsibility for their children. Aside from the moral issue of extramarital affairs, a father’s got a right and responsibility to see his child – and shouldn’t be blocked from doing so.

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Sauce: Courier-Journal