Because we love Wisconsin news so much, we’ve got another story out of Wisconsin by Mike Nichols. He talks about an unfortunate incident where a 3 year old died in an incident in a car.

The boy’s father, Erik Affolter, filed a wrongful death law suit, claiming loss of “society and companionship.”

The kicker was that Affolter had never really been his son’s companion. He had been more or less blocked from seeing his child by his son’s mother and her family. But he paid child support. Or at least, that’s the story. According to the court records, Affolter never sent a birthday or Christmas card. He didn’t attend the boy’s funeral. Affolter had a son. Physically speaking, of course.

It’s hard to say what the real story is – but it brings up an interesting issue of what makes you a father. Are you a father, simply because you share DNA with a child? Unfortunately, it’s complicated; some things should be granted to you in any case. Some things should not be granted.

Do you get to argue that you lost a companion that you never saw? Probably not. But it’s tough to know for sure what exactly Erik Affolter lost the day his biological son died.

Sauce: Sheboygan Press